Thoughts about jerking off

From times, immemorial jacking off has always been considered a taboo and is seen as a tool used by people who cannot get themselves a partner. In fact, there are numerous men strutting around in pride that they never masturbate even if they have not had sex. Masturbation is a means of letting go pent up frustrations and is beneficial to both men and women alike.

Quite often two persons who may be otherwise perfectly matched in interests and lifestyle preferences may prove to have very different jacking Sockviews on sex. It is not uncommon for one of the partners to crave for and expect a lot of sex, while the other likes sex, but is not overly concerned with this activity. In such cases, jack off may be used to satisfy the bigger need without making the less eager partner uncomfortable. Thus, masturbation can be useful to balance the relationship and bring together couples who are open-minded to acknowledge and respect their differences.

Masturbation is good for relieving depression by allowing an individual to attain a sense of self-worth through a successful attempt. Nothing elevates mood and spirits than a good orgasm. Sex also drives away negative thoughts even if it for a little while and masturbation is a healthy practice to keep the mind at ease and in good spirits.

fleshlight toy for masturbationJust like exercise usually improves the muscle tone of a body builder, masturbation will help you to build your erectile muscles. The pelvic floor of your penile muscles gets strengthened each time you have sex or you masturbate and thus allowing you to have harder erections. While you may be forgiven for many things that come with old age, not being able to perform in bed due to erectile dysfunction and incontinence is not one of them. Old age might just cause this and the only way to keep young down there is to have regular masturbation sessions.

Finally, there have been some studies that have shown the positive benefits of masturbation in preventing prostate cancer. The prostatejerk off toy gland concentrates zinc, and other nutrients to over 600 times that in blood to contribute its share to the semen. While doing this, it also concentrates the carcinogens to dangerous levels in the prostate. Thus ejaculation either by way of masturbation or through sex results in expulsion of these carcinogens from the prostate. Men who masturbate now need not feel ‘bad’ about it and on the contrary they are doing themselves a favor so that their prostates do not bother them at a later stage in life.

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